Senior Year! [Senior Photographer]

This brazillian beauty is a high school senior and graduates this year from Gulf Shores. Her heart of joy and laughter are completely contagious! I so loved getting to hang out with you and mom, walk around, explore little towns and take a few portraits along the way :) 

Best Wishes Carolina! Can't wait to see where the world takes you! :)


Heartbeat for Haiti

For many years, even before the earthquake, Haiti has held a signficant place in my heart. It wasn't until well after the earthquake that my husband and I took a team down to visit a home for children and see if this location was somewhere we could really connect with.

Our first couple of trips were pretty explorative in learning how things were done, what the needs where, and how to be more than a group of white people that come, hand them what they want, and back to our warm beds in America we go.

We go as often as possible, and as I type we are having two new water wells installed. The ones they had weren't deep enough to provide clean water, and so now the foundation and the community will have all the clean water they need!

Brining hope and meeting needs is a large part of what Freshly Bold does and stands for. Mission work intertwined with my business is how the structure for what I do came into existence. You can read a bit more here about that.

The video below is from March. My husband took a team down and this is a short video about the trip :) I haven't been since I was four months pregnant with Isaac, but hopefully I will be on the next adventure and get to hug my Haitian family in person.

Haiti March 2014 from Leslie Davis on Vimeo.



Oak Hollow Southern Wedding (Fairhope Wedding Photographer)

With a shy smile she sat across from me, telling me about Joshua. You could tell she was smitten with him. After meeting him at their engagement session, I could tell he returned her affections - to the fullest. 

Hollen & Joshua decided to have their wedding at Oak Hallow Farm in Fairhope. They married outside, under the lit oak trees, and celebrated with their family and friends at a reception inside the barn. 

This day was special, and I am so honored I was able to be with you guys on a day you will never forget. Thank you both for believing in me, for opening up, and for walking around ant hills and hay stacks for gorgeous wedding photographs. Enjoy!



Why Take Engagement Photos?

Taking engagement portraits with your wedding photographer has lots of pros. Seroiusly. If there is an engagement session offered with your wedding collection, you should always take it.

I wanted to share a few of the many reasons and benefits to having time with your wedding photographer before the actual wedding.

Getting Comfortable.  Having time to get comfortable with your photographer, as a couple, is something that can't be emphasized enough. During the engagement session you can see how your photographer works, how they communicate, and become comfortable with a camera always around (cameras are magic, they can make people tense up really quick).

As a photographer, it's during the engagement session we can understand what makes the couple comfortable, how they interact, and can see how to best capture them = better images. >>>> This translates to bride & groom portraits on the wedding day. On your wedding day you don't have 30-45 minutes to walk to various locations to chat and let the nerves go, you have 20-30 minutes for the most important photographs of the day. If you haven't worked with your photographer before now as a couple, it can be challenging to relax and just enjoy the day and your time together.

Quality images for your home. Once a couple gets married, it is an average of at least three years (if not longer) before they have professional quality photographs made of themselves again. With engagement portraits you will be at various locations, different outfits, and the end result will be in a variety of images to choose from for your gallery wall/nightstand/entryway. Wedding portraits are the most important long term hands down, but when it comes to what you will print right now for your house, my clients have confessed they print more of their engagement portraits and 2-3 of their favorite wedding photographs for displaying in their home.

Sneak peek. You get a peek at how you guys photograph together and what works for you. This will also make you more confident on your wedding day when your photographer shows up wide-eyed, perky and pumped up for the day at hand (ok, maybe that's just me....)

I am such a believer in taking engagement photographs with your wedding photographer that I include the session with my wedding collections. A lot of photographers do this, and some don't. I have seen it benefit the bride & groom way too many times. There is a different feel to the images when everyone is comfortable and enjoying life.

And that is why you should always take engagements.


Fairhope Wedding (Nix Center)

Morgan & Russell are a couple that doesn't stop laughing and enjoying each other, and you can't help but to laugh too. Morgan was gleaming with excitement the day she said "I do" to Russell. And it was fabulous. I loved getting to see them together, and know their genuine love is what they will begin their journey with.

The rain was no match for Morgan and Russell's Fairope wedding and crazy fun reception held at the Nix Center. When the storm blew in we just adjusted and opted for bride & groom portraits indoors. Serioulsy, these two were champs. 

Thank you guys so much for having me with you, for being yourselves, and for being an incredible testimony of joy and happiness to those around you. Enjoy!

Wedding Planner: Melissa Wilt Events